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Our "responsibility when ready" philosophy and our "free market system" provide our associates the freedom to choose and pursue the work that interests them most, without mandated practice group assignments or required departmental rotations. At Cahill, our culture of professionalism, mutual respect, and appreciation for each other's individuality fosters a welcoming environment where people work together in the way that best suits our clients’ needs and promotes career satisfaction in our attorneys. When asked to "describe this firm to other law school students" by the American Lawyer in the 2015 Summer Associates Surveys, our summer associates said it all:

  • "Absolutely the best firm/community to be a part of - my summer experience at Cahill has truly exceeded my expectations in every facet.  The helpful & friendly people, the early opportunity for substantive work, and also the autonomy/flexibility afforded to its associates by the free market system help cultivate a team-oriented work environment like no other."
  • "Cahill is an amazing firm to work at. Everyone is actually fun, and I enjoy coming to work every day. If you are going to do big law and work hard, then you might as well work with people you enjoy. Cahill truly supports and cares about their employees."
  • "Fantastic.  Great relationships with attorneys and other summer associates.  I really enjoyed the work."
  • "Great firm if you are willing to work hard."
  • "Great place to work, nice people, challenging and interesting work."
  • "Ideal for anyone wanting to work with top lawyers."
  • "Simply a great place to work, both in terms of business and culture. The firm has several nationally-ranked practice areas, that is complemented with a friendly, welcoming culture."
  • "This firm is exactly what it sells itself to be.  It is a lot of hard working, interesting people, who expect you to work hard. In return, we have the chance to  work on a number of interesting cases in a wide range of areas.  The firm is clearly respected by all of its clients, and a number have stuck with Cahill for generations.  The firm prides itself on being small and local, but just as  good as the better known power houses."

The complete set of responses from our 2015 summer associates are available for download. We encourage you to speak with both alumni and current Cahill attorneys. A search of our lawyers by undergrad and law school is available from the Attorneys menu at the top of this page.

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