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Our "responsibility when ready" philosophy and our "free market system" provide our associates the freedom to choose and pursue the work that interests them most, without mandated practice group assignments or required departmental rotations. At Cahill, our culture of professionalism, mutual respect, and appreciation for each other's individuality fosters a welcoming environment where people work together in the way that best suits our clients’ needs and promotes career satisfaction in our attorneys. When asked to "describe this firm to other law school students" by the American Lawyer in the 2012 Summer Associates Surveys, our summer associates said it all:

  • "A collegial law firm where the partners and associates truly work together to achieve the best outcome for clients. Everyone works hard, but they work hard together. No one wants to see you fail."

  • "Cahill is THE firm for dynamic individuals. You are given the opportunity to freely exercise the entirety of your skill set, and encouraged to challenge yourself with various types of assignments. Everyone is exceedingly friendly and excited about what they’re working on. I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else!"

  • "A prominent firm with a first-tier clientele and a culture that is easy to fall in love with. Although it’s clear that associates work hard (which is to be expected), the amount of independence and responsibility, especially for junior associates, is unparalleled. Highly entrepreneurial students will thrive in this environment."

  • "The firm completely lives up to its reputation. Everybody that I’ve met here has been a pleasure to work with and learn from, and everybody here genuinely seems to enjoy what they do. It has a very collegial atmosphere, but at the same time is comprised of very intelligent, driven people who are at the top of their field. It is a fantastic place to work."

The complete set of responses from our 2012 summer associates are available for download. We encourage you to speak with both alumni and current Cahill attorneys. A search of our lawyers by undergrad and law school is available from the Attorneys menu at the top of this page.

At Cahill Gordon, summer associates are given a lot of responsibility. Summer associates are encouraged to work on different types of assignments in various practice areas.

— The American Lawyer Summer Associate Survey, 2011

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