How do I apply?

Interested candidates may submit their materials to Donna Manion.

 How will my call-back interview be structured?

Arrive at our offices at the time of your scheduled interview and you will be greeted by a member of the Recruiting Office, who will walk you through the process. Expect to meet with four of our lawyers for approximately 30 minutes each. The call-back interview is normally completed in two hours.

 What if I still have questions after I receive an offer?

We encourage you to call, email and return to our offices for another visit. If you wish, you may request specific attorneys with whom you would like to meet, or inform the Recruiting Office of the subject matter of your remaining questions and they will determine the appropriate people for you to meet.

 Does the firm reimburse candidates for travel expenses?

Yes. If you are an out-of-town student, we will reimburse you for reasonable travel, hotel and meal expenses. Please contact our Recruiting Office for more specific guidelines.

 How long is the summer program? Do you allow split summers?

Our 2020 summer program consists of ten weeks. We do not allow splitting the summer with other law firms. Split summers, however, are allowed with government agencies and other entities providing not-for-profit legal services, on a case by case basis.

 How is the work distributed to summer associates?

Each summer associate is assigned a mentor partner and associate.  The general role of the mentor partner is to discuss the work interest of the summer associate and to help secure assignments in those areas consistent with our "free market" system. The mentor partner and associate are charged with helping to assure that the summer associate is exposed to work in any and all areas in which interest has been expressed. You will have the support you need to explore our free market system.

 What level of responsibility will I be given?

Summer associates are generally treated as if they were first-year associates and are given real assignments on real matters for real clients.  Each year we find that our summer associates are enthusiastic and surprised by the amount of responsibility they were given during their internships compared to many of  their peers who spend their summer elsewhere.

 Will I be able to work on a pro bono project as a summer associate?

Yes. Pro bono is enthusiastically supported by the firm. For example, through its partnership program with The Legal Aid Society, Cahill provides pro bono counsel to young children who are the subjects of abuse and neglect proceedings in New York Family Courts, disabled individuals in need of Social Security benefits and tenants who are denied the most basic of services. This partnership affords Cahill summer associates the opportunity to represent, on a one-on-one basis, clients who lack legal counsel to secure rights that will profoundly impact their lives.

Many of our associates teach "know your rights" classes to high school students in NYC inner-city schools. Others have undertaken to handle criminal appeals on behalf of indigent defendants as part of Legal Aid's Criminal Appeals Project, which gives our associates primary responsibility for all aspects of the appeals, including consulting with the clients, mastering the trial record, formulating issues for appeal, drafting the brief, and conducting oral argument.

 Is there a mentor program in place?

Yes. In addition to the mentor partner system, each summer associate will be assigned an associate mentor. Both the partner and the associate mentor will help the summer associate integrate into firm life as well as track their progress and development.

 Does the firm have a minimum billable hours requirement?