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Cahill has a remarkable client base across practices, and associates at all levels are offered opportunities to participate in advising those clients on substantive matters.

Our associates find that Cahill stands apart due to the uncommon degree of respect for individuality that permeates our culture. We are large enough to handle top flight, complex matters for important clients, and also small enough to treat each of our associates as an individual, allowing each of them to develop as an attorney at his or her own pace. We call this cornerstone of our associate development model the "responsibility when ready" philosophy. In addition, our "free market system" provides our associates the freedom to choose and pursue the work that interests them most, without mandated practice group assignments or required departmental rotations. At Cahill, our culture of professionalism and mutual respect and appreciation for each other's individuality fosters a welcoming and rewarding environment where people work together in the way that best suits our clients’ needs and promotes career satisfaction for our attorneys. We are proud of the fact that more than 80% of our partners were associates at the firm.

Our associates enjoy the freedom inherent in our system, and are given the opportunity to understand how they can develop their legal skill set in an environment that supports both individual growth and dynamic relationship building. Our associates are exposed to meaningful assignments, while being mindfully mentored, supported and trained by our partners and associates.

With a partnership that grows almost entirely from associate promotions, and a strong sense of commitment to one another, Cahill lawyers and summer associates enjoy an extraordinary work environment. You will work with your new colleagues face-to-face and will have both formal and informal access to your peers, mentors and leaders. You will have the chance to get to know our diverse and talented collection of individuals, and you will have the benefit of their assistance as you meet new challenges and set new goals. Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to be yourself, all the time.

ASK AROUND – our alumni and current associates and partners are a great resource for those considering a Cahill career. A search of our lawyers by undergrad and law school is available via the Attorneys and Professionals directory.


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