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Cahill Gordon & Reindel LLP was founded in 1919 and quickly built a national reputation for excellence in the financial and corporate areas. During the mid to late 1930's, Cahill earned status as a "Securities Act" firm and during and after the Second World War, under the leadership of John T. Cahill, the legendary former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Cahill grew dramatically. Maintaining its innovative corporate law practice, the firm also came to be counted among the leading litigation firms in the nation.

Cahill has thrived for a century by focusing on the most significant opportunities and complex challenges facing the top financial services firms and other multinational corporations. Our premier transactional and litigation groups have developed impressive records of accomplishment in high profile cases and headline-grabbing deals. Cahill lawyers are highly client-driven. The firm is specifically chosen by clients because of our experience, depth of knowledge and facility in managing challenging situations.

Cahill is known for innovative trial strategies and financing solutions that draw on the strengths of the entire firm and reflect a wider perspective than that typically afforded by the specialized niches and micro practices that make up a large law firm. A passion for challenging and distinctive work is at the heart of our firm culture and explains why Cahill consistently wins cases and ranks among the most active firms in the financial league tables year after year.

Among our ranks are lawyers who joined Cahill following distinguished careers in the Securities and Exchange Commission, United States Department of Justice, Department of the Treasury, Federal Trade Commission and other federal and state agencies.

Our lawyers are committed to advancing the goals of not-for-profit organizations through our pro bono program, and we are proud of our unique partnership with The Legal Aid Society, which helps disadvantaged New Yorkers, including children, immigrants and the disabled achieve justice under the law. For nearly two decades, Cahill and its lawyers have been repeatedly recognized with The Legal Aid Society’s Pro Bono Publico Award in recognition of Cahill’s outstanding commitment to the cause of equal justice through pro bono service.

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