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Cahill is committed to an environmental sustainability program in our offices and has undertaken a number of initiatives to reduce resource consumption and our carbon footprint. Cahill is an active participant in the Law Firm Sustainability Network (LFSN), whose members seek to enhance their environmental efforts through cooperation and sharing of ideas, and to raise awareness of sustainability issues within the law firm community. We are proud to have received the American Legal Industry Sustainability Standard (ALISS) certification from the LFSN in recognition of assessing our sustainability program and taking measures to reduce our environmental impact. ALISS is a self-assessment tool that awards weighted points for various activities covering internal sustainability, external sustainability, stakeholder engagement, measuring and reporting, and innovation. 

Beyond our membership in the LFSN and adherence to its principles, Cahill has created the Cahill Green and Wellness (CG&W) Initiative, which has resulted in various programs and policies to benefit our community by decreasing our environmental impact while promoting wellness for our employees.

Cahill's Sustainability and Green Initiatives

Energy Reduction:

  • We utilize Server and Storage Virtualization in our data center.  Over the past several years, we have virtualized 95% of our server and storage space, leading to a 50% reduction in the number of physical servers, thus reducing overall electrical usage. 
  • We have recently replaced the majority of our remaining IT servers with more energy-efficient models, and continue to do so as new purchases are required.
  • All printers and copy machines now revert automatically to “energy save mode” when not in use.
  • We have added sensors and timers to turn off lighting in unoccupied offices, corridors and common areas wherever possible. Energy consumption is automatically reduced during the late evening and weekend hours.
  • We purchase energy-efficient equipment (Energy Star) wherever possible including computers, printers, copy machines, and kitchen appliances.

Waste Reduction:

  • We are in the midst of a significant paper-reduction initiative, with the goal of digitizing files and only employing paper storage boxes when necessary.  This effort has already resulted in a reduction of tens of thousands of boxes.
  • We have replaced all plastic food service items with biodegradable products, such as bamboo coffee stirrers. 
  • We provide filtered water to limit the use of plastic water bottles. We also provide reusable containers for drinking water to all employees, have initiated a program to provide all incoming attorneys with reusable water bottles to reduce the reliance on plastic bottled water and provide coffee mugs at meetings and conferences to reduce use of paper cups.
  • We are in the process of replacing our main paper supply with products containing post-consumer recycled materials.
  • Our printers have been reconfigured to default to double-sided printing.
  • We recycle toner cartridges, computers and other electronic equipment.


Acknowledging that more can and should be done to improve the health and well-being of the members of our legal community, Cahill continues to pledge support for the American Bar Association’s (ABA) well-being campaign and its mission to better support the vital role that lawyers play in the proper functioning of society, the economy, and government. As a campaign participant, Cahill is working to prioritize the ABA’s Well-Being Pledge seven-point framework for building a better future.

In addition to our commitment to the tenets of the ABA’s Well-Being Pledge, our Green & Wellness Committee is also pleased to offer the following:

  • Opportunities for associates to connect and share their fitness goals and achievements.
  • New offices at 32 Old Slip designed for comfort, featuring adjustable standing desks and ergonomic desk chairs at every workstation. In addition, the attorney lounge offers a quiet zone for lawyers to relax with a variety of casual seating options, including massage chairs.
  • A comprehensive Health Fair to showcase all of the partnerships we have with different organizations to all of our attorneys and staff.
  • Various workshops hosted by outside thought leaders that focus on how to thrive while working from home.
  • Discounted memberships at fitness centers convenient to our NYC offices, including Equinox and New York Sports Club.
  • Free annual physical exam provided by our medical care plan.
  • The services of a professional consulting company to assist Cahill employees and their families on a confidential basis through the Employee Assistance Program in locating counseling resources, family caregiving resources and other services. In addition, the program offers online content and seminars covering work-life balance and other wellness topics geared toward leading a happier and more fulfilled life.
  • A wellness program in connection with one of our health insurance providers that offers on-demand coaching and personalized learning. You can receive a program tailored to your needs that includes interactive lessons and tools, as well as access to a peer coach matched to your needs.
  • Various events (currently virtual) centered around physical health and wellness, which include mindfulness workshops, our Cahill Running Club, and fitness classes taught by professionals.
  • A well-being policy for early identification of impairment due to substance use or mental disorder, as well as cognitive impairment or dementia, and proper intervention to assist with preventing, mitigating, and/or treating the impairment.
  • Various resources to decrease common stressors related to work-life balance – such as free backup childcare, assistance with finding child, elder and pet care as well as educational support providers.
  • A series of virtual events, announced in a weekly communication called Cahill Connect, intended to create opportunities for our lawyers to continue to build relationships with other lawyers at the firm while working remotely.
  • The “Take a Minute with Cahill” newsletter that features inspirational stories and experiences from our attorneys about their time during the pandemic.
  • A mentor program focused on encouraging our associates to seek help when needed and to promote self-care. Partner mentors routinely check in with their mentees to make sure they are able to create and sustain a positive work/life balance.