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Intellectual Property

We provide practical assessments of risk and reward with respect to patent and other intangible assets that are often components in mergers, acquisitions, dispositions, public and private offerings of debt and equity securities, joint ventures, product acquisitions, licensing, co-development and co-promotion agreements. 

Our lawyers have extensive experience in intellectual property-focused transactions such as royalty revenue securitizations, revenue purchase agreements and IP-focused restructuring arising in contexts such as bankruptcy and mergers and acquisitions.

We have represented clients in the financial services, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical devices, semiconductor, media and broadcast, publishing, music and entertainment, retailing, foods, automotive, industrial manufacturing, insurance, Internet, and computer industries in intellectual property assessments and in complex transactions with significant intellectual property components.

We have secured significant victories in lawsuits and arbitrations where intellectual property rights were at issue, ranging from those concerning blockbuster drugs to those involving literary blockbusters.