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Attacks on the Asian Community

We are outraged by the murders in Atlanta and the violence and vitriol we are witnessing being directed against Asians, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.   The Asian community is increasingly under attack in our country, by verbal and physical violence.  Such hatred, violence and injustices have often been minimized or ignored.  These racist acts need to be recognized for what they are and they need to stop.  Forever.  We stand with our Asian community who rightfully expects now – not later – to receive respectful and equal treatment both under the law and by their fellow Americans.  All Asians, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, like all people, are entitled to live without fear and have the same opportunities as others to pursue their dreams and aspirations.  

We all have a responsibility not only to condemn these disturbing acts of violence and racism but also to act as allies. We at Cahill are committed to an inclusive and safe environment for all.

Cahill is a proud member of the Alliance for Asian American Justice, a nationwide coalition to provide “culturally responsive” legal support and advocacy to victims of anti-Asian hate crimes and harassment.

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