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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Initiatives

In addition to Affinity Groups, Cahill has pursued diversity and inclusion efforts through multiple initiatives, including:

Mentoring Program

In an effort to help our associates develop relationships with senior attorneys who can offer specific career development advice and insight, each associate is paired with a mentor who is a partner in the same practice area. The mentor’s role is both formal and informal, guiding the associate in the development of his or her substantive skills, while offering advice and support in a more relaxed and personal manner. Mentors of associates in affinity groups are encouraged to foster a relationship that facilitates discussion of diversity-related concerns and questions.

We are proud to win category honors for the Highest Percentage of Women Associates Participating in Firm Mentorship Programs in Yale Law Women's "The Top Ten Female & Family Friendly Firms Lists of 2018."

Work / Life Balance

Our work/life balance policy is available to experienced lawyers who want to strike a different balance in their lives, because of family-related demands or other circumstances. This policy is, by design, not highly structured. Arrangements for each individual are tailored to his or her needs with consideration given to the needs of the firm and the area in which he or she practices. Cahill is committed to working with any experienced attorney to consider alternative work arrangements. In addition, primary caregivers who return to the firm after giving birth or adopting a child are given the option to work at a reduced load for up to three months at proportionate pay. This option is extended to primary caregivers to help ensure a smooth transition back to work after parental leave. This benefit is in addition to Cahill's existing parental leave policies and does not restrict other opportunities to work alternative schedules.