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FTC Guidance on Pre-Merger Information Exchange

Date: 04/23/18

The FTC recently reiterated its views on the risks of sharing information with competitors before and during merger negotiations—a concern that remains until the merger closes. The FTC recognizes that in a merger or acquisition, companies often need to share information for due diligence purposes and to plan for a smooth transition immediately after closing. However, information exchanges and other pre-merger collaborative efforts may in some cases raise antitrust risks because parties must continue to act as independent companies until the deal closes, and, for competitors and potential competitors, the exchange of competitively sensitive information (such as current and future prices, customer lists, and strategic plans) could lead to improper coordination.

Attached is the firm memorandum discussing the FTC's guidance. 

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CGR Memo - FTC Guidance on Pre-Merger Information Exchange.pdf (pdf | 209.03 KB )