Will I be able to work on a pro bono project as a summer associate?

Yes. Pro bono is enthusiastically supported by the firm. For example, through its partnership program with The Legal Aid Society, Cahill provides pro bono counsel to young children who are the subjects of abuse and neglect proceedings in New York Family Courts, disabled individuals in need of Social Security benefits and tenants who are denied the most basic of services. This partnership affords Cahill summer associates the opportunity to represent, on a one-on-one basis, clients who lack legal counsel to secure rights that will profoundly impact their lives.

Many of our associates teach "know your rights" classes to high school students in NYC inner-city schools. Others have undertaken to handle criminal appeals on behalf of indigent defendants as part of Legal Aid's Criminal Appeals Project, which gives our associates primary responsibility for all aspects of the appeals, including consulting with the clients, mastering the trial record, formulating issues for appeal, drafting the brief, and conducting oral argument.