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Veterans' New Business Initiative

Cahill Pro Bono: Veterans' New Business Initiative

Partner Advisor: Brockton B. Bosson

In early 2014, Cahill launched the Veterans’ New Business Initiative — a pro bono program that was among the first of its kind in which the resources of a major law firm are brought to bear for military veterans who are in the early stages of starting small businesses.  The experiences of the veterans we represent are as varied as their business ventures.  Cahill has represented veterans of the Vietnam era, the Persian Gulf War, and the Global War on Terrorism in starting businesses ranging from the biotechnology, media and entertainment, and security consulting fields to restaurants and food trucks.  Many of these companies are developing operations abroad or have international supply chains.

Through Cahill’s Veterans’ New Business Initiative, our attorneys have the opportunity to work as a strategic partner with a startup business owner and serve as an early-stage general counsel, handling issues related to business formation, contract advice and negotiation, trademark and intellectual property, employment, and regulatory compliance, among others.  In doing so, our lawyers make a difference for those who are transitioning from the armed services to the private sector and utilizing the skills they learned in the military to make an impact in the marketplace.

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  • I can’t say enough about the massive help I received from Cahill, not only in starting my business, but also in building my confidence as I transitioned from the military. The Cahill team showed from day one they wanted to see me succeed. I am very thankful for everything they have done for me.

    Adam Smith, former U.S. Navy SEAL and Founder of Trigger Leadership LLC

  • Cahill provided an outstanding crew of lawyers in the beginning phases. I know of other businesses that have paid an arm and a leg to get what we’ve got. Amazing!

    Raymond Collazo, founder of filmmaking collaboration platform FilmLinkUp and U.S. Army veteran

  • Focusing on my biotechnology company; I needed to generate the best quality science, and not be distracted by legal matters. It was a great relief for Cahill to have my back and support in that space.

    William, biologist and U.S. Marine Corps veteran

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