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Helene R. Banks Publishes "When M&A Runs Into ESG" in NACD Directorship

Date: 05/27/21

Not long ago, M&A due diligence focused primarily on the potential for pending lawsuits to generate unexpected financial liabilities. Today, however, whether your company is a potential buyer or seller, you should be ready for a wide-ranging inquiry that includes questions tied to the ESG events of the last few years—the #metoo movement, the COVID-19 pandemic, the racial justice movement and the threat of political violence.

In a new article for NACD Directorship, Helene R. Banks, chair of the M&A and Corporate Advisory practice groups, explores the rise of ESG matters and how they influence M&A transactions and their outcomes, providing a background to help prepare boards and C-suite executives to handle these issues moving forward.

NACD Directorship MayJune 2021_In Practice_06.02.2021 [CAHILL].pdf (pdf | 1.60 MB )