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Emeka C. Chinwuba, John Chtchekine and Charlotte Rehfuss Publish “US offshore wind industry: A current outlook” in Proximo

Date: 05/18/23

The US offshore wind industry is poised to finally take off, buoyed by two major factors: global climate change and the commercial viability of offshore wind projects. A number of state governments on the eastern seaboard of the US have established offshore wind energy policies with ambitious MW capacity targets to be achieved in the coming decade. Consequently, offshore wind developers and financiers from the European industry are looking to take advantage of the new business opportunities created by the demand from US state governments.

In a new article written for Proximo, partner Emeka Chinwuba and associates John Chtchekine and Charlotte Rehfuss provide insight on the current state of the US offshore wind energy industry, highlighting several projects currently operating or in development, and their thoughts on how the offshore wind market will develop over the next several years.

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