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Hague Convention

Cahill Pro Bono: Hague Convention

Partner Advisor: David R. Owen

By referral from the U.S. State Department, Cahill attorneys provide legal services to clients under the age of 16 brought to the United States from their countries of habitual residence in violation of parental rights under the Hague Convention.

Since 2001, Cahill has accepted cases referred by the U.S. State Department, representing parents of children abducted to the United States without parental consent.  Cahill attorneys and Summer Associates represent foreign parents seeking return of children to Hague signatory countries where the children have been habitually resident prior to being removed to the United States.  Petitions seeking return of children are brought on a parent’s behalf in U.S. federal courts where the children can be found, and have resulted in numerous parents being reunited with their children following a wrongful abduction. On several occasions, the State Department has cited and recognized the efforts of Cahill attorneys on behalf of these parents in furtherance of the purposes of the Hague Convention.

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