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SDNY Criminal Justice Act Panel

Cahill Pro Bono: SDNY Criminal Justice Act Panel

Partner Advisor: Anirudh Bansal

Cahill partner Anirudh Bansal has an appointment on the Criminal Justice Act (“CJA”) Panel for the Southern District of New York, which is a group of esteemed federal criminal law practitioners appointed by SDNY’s Board of Judges to represent indigent defendants in SDNY criminal cases. The Cahill team has multiple CJA “duty days” every year, on which our attorneys receive numerous SDNY cases. Under the direct supervision of Cahill partners who are former SDNY prosecutors, our associates defend those cases from inception through resolution. Through this program, Cahill associates participate in the most sophisticated federal criminal matters in the country and have the opportunity to consult on strategy decisions, meet with clients and AUSAs, write motions and briefs, and appear in court for conferences, hearings and trials.

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