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Joel Kurtzberg, John MacGregor, and Jason Rozbruch Publish “High Court Likely To Review Social Media Speech Censorship” in Law360

Date: 09/30/22

In a new expert analysis for Law360, partner Joel Kurtzberg and associates John MacGregor and Jason Rozbruch explore the constitutionality of two state laws, Florida S. B. 7072 and Texas H.B. 20, intended to prohibit social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook from censoring speech based on its viewpoint. The issue is likely headed for U.S. Supreme Court review. The authors raise the question at the center of the two cases: whether the two statutes violate the First Amendment by restricting the social media platforms’ right to moderate content on those platforms as the platforms see fit.

Cahill - Law360 - High Court Likely to Review Social Media Speech Censorship (pdf | 172.94 KB )