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David R. Owen, Kenneth Ritz and Alexa Moses Publish “To Pay or Not to Pay? Key Factors to Consider When Ransomware Strikes” in New York Law Journal

Date: 5/02/2023

While strong and up-to-date security is usually effective to stop most technical attacks, even the best security in the world can be defeated by attacking the more fallible human vulnerabilities. All it takes is a stray click on a well-crafted phishing email from someone with access, and the bad guys are in. Once inside, they will scramble the data they encounter with encryption and jump to any attached systems to spread the infection as far and wide as possible. Employees are left with locked screens, no files and communication only by personal cellphone.

In a new article for New York Law Journal, partner David R. Owen and associates Kenneth Ritz and Alexa Moses explore considerations for companies if ransomware strikes.

To read the full article, click here.

To Pay or Not to Pay Key Factors to Consider When Ransomware Strikes.pdf (pdf | 225.50 KB )