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David R. Owen and Alexa Moses Publish “Conned by ChatGPT: The Growing Risks of AI-Powered Cyber Attacks” in New York Law Journal

Date: 03/01/24

In a new article for The New York Law Journal, partner David R. Owen and associate Alexa Moses discuss new risks posed by AI-powered social engineering attacks, as well as several countermeasures individuals and companies can take to defend against them.  In the article, they discuss the trend of employees around the world using ChatGPT for work-related purposes, entering massive amounts of private and sensitive data in aggregate, which can then turn ChatGPT and other AI platforms into sources of non-public information that can be manipulated or even hacked.  The article then addresses steps companies can take to counteract data breaches and AI-powered spoofing attacks, including the security concept of “zero trust,” which uses additional factors to authenticate email, company passwords, and corporate communications, especially in the context of directing payment to unfamiliar “vendors.”

To read the full article, please click here.

Conned by ChatGPT The Growing Risks of AI-Powered Cyber Attacks.pdf (pdf | 242.73 KB )