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Julie Cohen
Director of Marketing and Communications

Cahill Recognized by Litigators of the Week for Third Consecutive Week

Date: 02/28/24

Cahill litigation teams have been recognized by The American Lawyer’s Litigators of the Week column for three consecutive weeks, receiving mentions for three separate litigation wins on behalf of client Credit Suisse.

  1. Cahill has successfully defended Credit Suisse, securing the conditional dismissal of a class action RICO litigation brought against Credit Suisse, KPMG, and dozens of individual officers and directors that were accused of violating both Swiss and U.S. law, and alleged defendants engaged in federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act violations in connection with Credit Suisse’s merger with Swiss bank UBS. The Cahill team included Herb Washer, Jason Hall, Edward Moss, Tammy Roy, Britney Foerter and Philip McAndrews. Click here to view their mention.

  2. Cahill has successfully defended Credit Suisse in a putative securities class action alleging that Credit Suisse is responsible for losses suffered by short sellers following a June 2020 announcement that Credit Suisse would delist and suspend further issuances of the DGAZ ETNs. On February 9, 2024, the Second Circuit unanimously affirmed a district court ruling dismissing the action with prejudice, with the panel holding that plaintiffs “fail[ed] to state plausible facts supporting an inference of scienter.” The Cahill team included Herb Washer, John MacGregor, and Sheila Ramesh. Click here to view their mention.

  3. Cahill has successfully defended Credit Suisse in a long-running antitrust litigation where plaintiffs alleged that Credit Suisse and other primary dealers of U.S. Treasury securities colluded to manipulate Treasury auctions and engaged in a group boycott to prevent exchange-style trading of Treasury securities in the secondary market. On February 1, the Second Circuit upheld the Southern District’s decision to dismiss plaintiff’s case, ending nearly ten years of litigation. The Cahill team included David Januszewski, Herb Washer, Thorn Rosenthal, John MacGregor, and Cyrus Bordbar. Click here to view their mention.

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