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Lawdragon Names 11 Cahill Partners to 500 Leading Litigators in America 2024 Guide

Date: 09/14/23

Lawdragon has named eleven Cahill partners to their 500 Leading Litigators in America 2024 guide, with Thomas Kavaler being inducted to Lawdragon’s Hall of Fame this year, joining Floyd Abrams in this category. The recognition celebrates the most elite lawyers at the forefront of the world’s most interesting cases, from antitrust to securities litigation, white collar, and more.

Floyd Abrams*, Civil Litigation, esp. First Amendment; Appellate
Anirudh Bansal, White Collar, Investigations
Landis Best, Commercial Litigation, inc. First Amendment, Media, Antitrust
David Januszewski, Complex Litigation, esp. Securities, Financial
Thomas J. Kavaler*, Commercial Litigation, esp. Financial, Securities, Class Action
Chérie R. Kiser, Telecommunications Litigation
Brian T. Markley, Commercial, Securities Litigation; White Collar
Edward Moss, Commercial Litigation, inc. Financial, Securities
Sheila Ramesh, Securities, Antitrust, Commercial Litigation
Tammy L. Roy, Commercial, Securities Litigation
Herbert S. Washer, Complex Litigation, esp. Securities, Financial, Investigations

To learn more about this honor and see the full list, click here.

* denotes recipient inducted into Lawdragon Hall of Fame.