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Julie Cohen
Director of Marketing and Communications

Cahill Partners Support Call to Action Post-‘Dobbs’ for Women’s Rights

Date: 06/29/22

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, 15 women partners at Cahill are among the more than 1,300 women lawyers across Big Law who have signed a letter published in The American Lawyer pledging their commitment to offering pro bono legal services to organizations that defend and support women’s rights to autonomy, equality and safe access to reproductive health care.

The signatories at Cahill include: Helene R. Banks, Landis C. Best, Donna M. Bryan, Ann Creed, Anastasia Efimova, Helena Franceschi, Joan Murtagh Frankel, Chérie R. Kiser, Meghan N. McDermott, Sheila C. Ramesh, Tammy Roy, Susanna Suh and Elizabeth M. Yahl.

To read the letter in The American Lawyer, please click here.