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Julie Cohen
Director of Marketing and Communications

Eleven Cahill Partners Recognized by Benchmark Litigation

Date: 09/24/19

Eleven Cahill Partners Recognized by Benchmark Litigation

This year, ten Cahill partners were recognized by Benchmark Litigation in individual categories.

Among these partners are Charles Gilman, David Januszewski, Thorn Rosenthal, and Herbert Washer, who were recognized as Litigation Stars. Landis Best who was also recognized as a Litigation Star as well as being included in Benchmark Litigation’s Top 250 Women in Litigation. Benchmark Litigation recognizes its Litigation Stars as individuals who were recommended consistently as reputable and effective litigators by clients and peers.

Anirudh Bansal, Jason Hall, Brian Markley, Sheila Ramesh, and Tammy Roy were also recognized as Future Stars by Benchmark Litigation. Benchmark Litigation recognizes Future Stars as individuals who have been emerging in the market and earning an increasing level of recognition as well as taking on impressive matters within their practice area.