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Photo of Andrea Abarca Andrea Abarca Associate Phone: 212.701.3170
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Floyd Abrams Floyd Abrams Senior Counsel Phone: 212.701.3621
Fax: 212.378.2137
Photo of L. Howard Adams L. Howard Adams Senior Counsel Phone: 212.701.3162
Fax: 212.378.2384
Photo of Douglas K. Aguililla Douglas K. Aguililla Associate Phone: 212.701.3382
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Abdirashid M. Ahmed Abdirashid M. Ahmed Associate Phone: 212.701.3186
Fax: 212.269.5420
Robert A. Alessi Partner Phone: 212.701.3307
Fax: 212.378.2138
Photo of Bruna M. Amaral Bruna M. Amaral Associate Phone: 212.701.3389
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Asha Amin Asha Amin Associate Phone: 212.701.3434
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Daniel Anderson Daniel Anderson Associate Phone: 212.701.3819
Fax: 212.378.2139
Photo of Brent L. Andrus Brent L. Andrus Associate Phone: 212.701.3342
Fax: 212.378.2437
Photo of Artemis Anninos Artemis Anninos Pro Bono Counsel Phone: 212.701.3958
Fax: 212.378.2325
Photo of Paula Azulay Paula Azulay Associate Phone: 212.701.3021
Fax: 212.378.4059
Niechao Bai Associate 212.701.3000
Photo of Helene R. Banks Helene R. Banks Partner Phone: 212.701.3439
Fax: 212.378.2164
Photo of Anirudh Bansal Anirudh Bansal Partner Phone: 212.701.3207
Fax: 212.378.2937
Photo of David L. Barash David L. Barash Partner Phone: 212.701.3042
Fax: 212.378.2408
Photo of Margaret Barone Margaret Barone Associate Phone: 212.701.3308
Fax: 212.378.4132
Photo of Gregory J. Battista Gregory J. Battista Counsel Phone: 212.701.3662
Fax: 212.378.4466
Photo of Alisa Benintendi Alisa Benintendi Associate Phone: 212.701.3844
Fax: 212.378.2719
Photo of Landis C. Best Landis C. Best Partner Phone: 212.701.3694
Fax: 212.378.2405
Photo of Christopher Bevan Christopher Bevan Associate Phone: 212.701.3566
Fax: 212.378.4134
Photo of Caren Biberman Caren Biberman Director of Library & Research Resources Phone: 212.701.3540
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Bradley J. Bondi Bradley J. Bondi Partner Phone: 202.862.8910
Fax: 866.836.0501
Photo of Cyrus N. Bordbar Cyrus N. Bordbar Associate Phone: 212.701.3391
Fax: 212.378.2321
Photo of Brockton B. Bosson Brockton B. Bosson Partner Phone: 212.701.3136
Fax: 212.378.2557
Photo of Daniel A. Brintz Daniel A. Brintz Staff Attorney Phone: 212.701.3475
Fax: 212.269.5420
Donna M. Bryan Counsel Phone: 212.701.3690
Fax: 212.378.2939
Photo of Susan Buckley Susan Buckley Senior Counsel Phone: 212.701.3862
Fax: 212.378.2166
Photo of Connor Carroll Connor Carroll Associate Phone: 212.701.3841
Fax: 212.378.2727
Photo of Catherine Casazza Catherine Casazza Associate Phone: 212.701.3581
Fax: 212.378.2728
Photo of Colin H. Cassedy Colin H. Cassedy Counsel Phone: 212.701.3470
Fax: 212.378.2373
Photo of Sebastian Chan Sebastian Chan Counsel Phone: 212.701.3421
Fax: 212.378.4424
Photo of Joshua Chao Joshua Chao Associate Phone: 212.701.3145
Fax: 212.378.2566
Photo of Thomas E. Charbonneau Thomas E. Charbonneau Counsel Phone: 212.701.3185
Fax: 212.378.2559
Photo of Arnab Chatterjee Arnab Chatterjee Associate Phone: 212.701.3135
Fax: 212.269.5240
Photo of Jennifer W. Chau Jennifer W. Chau Associate Phone: 212.701.3423
Fax: 212.378.2389
Joseph E. Cho Associate Phone: 212.701.3589
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of James J. Clark James J. Clark Partner Phone: 212.701.3849
Fax: 212.378.2169
Photo of Christopher W. Clement Christopher W. Clement Partner Phone: 212.701.3973
Fax: 212.378.2401
Photo of Adam R. Cohen Adam R. Cohen Associate Phone: 212.701.3138
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Benjamin J. Cohen Benjamin J. Cohen Senior Counsel Phone: 212.701.3853
Fax: 212.378.2171
Photo of Joshua Cohn Joshua Cohn Real Estate Associate Phone: 212.701.3417
Fax: 212.378.2411
Photo of Lisa Collier Lisa Collier Associate Phone: 212.701.3044
Fax: 212.378.2569
Photo of Michael Colpo Michael Colpo Executive Director Phone: 212.701.3989
Fax: 212.378.2330
Photo of William J. Coombs William J. Coombs Associate Phone: 212.701.3153
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Ayano Kato Creed Ayano Kato Creed Partner Phone: 212.701.3876
Fax: 212.378.2934
Photo of Tara H. Curtin Tara H. Curtin Associate Phone: 212.701.3459
Fax: 212.378.2454
Photo of Loryn Davis Loryn Davis Associate Phone: 212.701.3675
Fax: 212.378.2729
Photo of Sean Davis Sean Davis Partner Phone: 212.701.3425
Fax: 212.378.2524
Julie E. Dechen Counsel Phone: 212.701.3272
Fax: 212.378.2434
Photo of Dylan N. Diaz Dylan N. Diaz Associate Phone: 212.701.3155
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Alla Digilova Alla Digilova Associate Phone: 212.701.3143
Fax: 212.378.2172
Photo of Jana L. Douglas Jana L. Douglas Associate Phone: 212.701.3846
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Stuart Downing Stuart Downing Partner Phone: 212.701.3491
Fax: 212.378.2409
Photo of Kristyn Dunleavy Kristyn Dunleavy Associate Phone: 212.701.3455
Fax: 212.378.2730
Photo of Christopher Dunomes Christopher Dunomes Associate Phone: 212.701.3293
Fax: 212.378.2731
Photo of Michael Dvorak Michael Dvorak Associate Phone: 212.701.3745
Fax: 212.378.2732
Photo of Adam M. Dworkin Adam M. Dworkin Partner Phone: 212.701.3131
Fax: 212.378.2432
Photo of Anastasia Efimova Anastasia Efimova Partner Phone: 212.701.3586
Fax: 212.378.2572
Photo of Jeremy M. Exelbert Jeremy M. Exelbert Associate Phone: 212.701.3183
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Jennifer B. Ezring Jennifer B. Ezring Partner Phone: 212.701.3822
Fax: 212.378.2415
Photo of Matthew R. Fagan Matthew R. Fagan Associate Phone: 212.701.3192
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Kirk Fauser Kirk Fauser Associate Phone: 212.701.3677
Fax: 212.378.2733
Photo of Garrett S. Fields Garrett S. Fields Associate Phone: 212.701.3193
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Danielle B. Flores Danielle B. Flores Staff Attorney Phone: 212.701.3252
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Britney R. Foerter Britney R. Foerter Associate Phone: 212.701.3732
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Yekaterina Fomitcheva Yekaterina Fomitcheva Associate Phone: 212.701.3199
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Helena S. Franceschi Helena S. Franceschi Partner Phone: 212.701.3724
Fax: 212.378.2907
Photo of Davis B. Frank Davis B. Frank Associate Phone: 212.701.3222
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Joan Murtagh Frankel Joan Murtagh Frankel Partner Phone: 212.701.3292
Fax: 212.378.2188
Jonathan J. Frankel Partner Phone: 212.701.3731
Fax: 212.378.2413
Photo of Carlos Fraticelli Carlos Fraticelli Staff Attorney Phone: 212.701.3628
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Bart Friedman Bart Friedman Senior Counsel Phone: 212.701.3304
Fax: 212.378.2189
Photo of Sesi Garimella Sesi Garimella Associate Phone: 212.701.3073
Fax: 212.378.8233
Photo of Nazariy Gavrysh Nazariy Gavrysh Associate Phone: 212.701.3223
Fax: 212.269.5420
Mark J. Gelman Counsel Phone: 212.701.3061
Fax: 212.378.2594
Orly Gez Counsel Phone: 212.701.3196
Fax: 212.378.2385
Photo of Jon-Michael Giannuzzi Jon-Michael Giannuzzi Associate Phone: 212.701.3564
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Charles A. Gilman Charles A. Gilman Partner Phone: 212.701.3403
Fax: 212.378.2195
Photo of Peter J. Gioello Jr. Peter J. Gioello Jr. Associate Phone: 212.701.3616
Fax: 212.378.2382
Photo of Frederick J. Glasgow Frederick J. Glasgow Counsel Phone: 212.701.3341
Fax: 212.378.2596
Photo of Natasha N. Williams Goddard Natasha N. Williams Goddard Associate Phone: 212.701.3014
Fax: 212.378.2597
Photo of Joshua D. Goldberg Joshua D. Goldberg Counsel Phone: 212.701.3463
Fax: 212.378.2456
Photo of Ariel Goldman Ariel Goldman Partner Phone: 212.701.3398
Fax: 212.378.2407
Photo of Patrick Gordon Patrick Gordon Associate Phone: 212.701.3722
Fax: 212.378.2380
Photo of Stephen J. Gordon Stephen J. Gordon Counsel Phone: 212.701.3454
Fax: 212.378.2422
Photo of Harry L. Grabow Harry L. Grabow Associate Phone: 212.701.3275
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Kyrie Graziosi Kyrie Graziosi Associate Phone: 212.701.3297
Fax: 212.378.2739
Photo of Stephen Gruendel Stephen Gruendel Associate Phone: 212.701.3665
Fax: 212.378.8234
Photo of Christopher J. Guerin Christopher J. Guerin Associate Phone: 212.701.3228
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Anthony J. Hajj Anthony J. Hajj Associate Phone: 212.701.3871
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Jason M. Hall Jason M. Hall Partner Phone: 212.701.3154
Fax: 212.378.2525
Photo of Cindy D. Ham Cindy D. Ham Associate Phone: 212.701.3254
Fax: 212.269.5420
Shana G. Hamilton Counsel Phone: 212.701.3086
Fax: 212.378.2515
Photo of Stephen G. Harper Stephen G. Harper Associate Phone: 212.701.3599
Fax: 212.378.2517
Photo of George Harris George Harris Associate Phone: 212.701.3257
Fax: 212.269.5420
William M. Hartnett Partner Phone: 212.701.3847
Fax: 212.378.2198
Photo of Nola B. Heller Nola B. Heller Partner Phone: 212.701.3008
Fax: 212.378.8100
Photo of Craig M. Horowitz Craig M. Horowitz Partner Phone: 212.701.3856
Fax: 212.378.2199
Photo of Douglas S. Horowitz Douglas S. Horowitz Partner Phone: 212.701.3036
Fax: 212.378.2543
Photo of Timothy B. Howell Timothy B. Howell Partner Phone: 212.701.3277
Fax: 212.378.2414
Photo of Eboney J. Hutt Eboney J. Hutt Not Yet Admitted Phone: 212.701.3259
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Caroline Incledon Caroline Incledon Associate Phone: 212.701.3921
Fax: 212.378.2901
Photo of Mohammad A. Islam Mohammad A. Islam Associate Phone: 212.701.3563
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Melissa A. Jangl Melissa A. Jangl Staff Attorney Phone: 212.701.3359
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Taylor Jansen Taylor Jansen Associate Phone: 212.701.3291
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of David G. Januszewski David G. Januszewski Partner Phone: 212.701.3352
Fax: 212.378.2200
Photo of Kali Jelen Kali Jelen Associate Phone: 212.701.3290
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Michael Jiang Michael Jiang Associate Phone: 212.701.3294
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Sara E. Johnson Sara E. Johnson Associate Phone: 212.701.3156
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Gail E. Johnston Gail E. Johnston Counsel Phone: 212.701.3071
Fax: 212.378.2509
Photo of Alexa S. Kaminsky Alexa S. Kaminsky Associate Phone: 212.701.3879
Fax: 212.378.2424
Photo of Elai Katz Elai Katz Partner Phone: 212.701.3039
Fax: 212.378.2512
Photo of Thomas J. Kavaler Thomas J. Kavaler Senior Counsel Phone: 212.701.3406
Fax: 212.378.2230
Photo of Jean Kearns Jean Kearns Associate Phone: 212.701.3325
Fax: 212.378.2371
Photo of Brian Kelleher Brian Kelleher Partner Phone: 212.701.3447
Fax: 212.378.2521
Photo of William Kermode William Kermode Associate Phone: 212.701.3655
Fax: 212.378.8239
Alexander M. Kim Counsel Phone: 212.701.3330
Fax: 212.378.4116
Photo of Lawrence A. Kobrin Lawrence A. Kobrin Senior Counsel Phone: 212.701.3337
Fax: 212.378.2231
Photo of Julia Koch Julia Koch Associate Phone: 212.701.3741
Fax: 212.378.2903
Photo of Lauren H. Kosches Lauren H. Kosches Associate Phone: 212.701.3298
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Alex J. Kramer Alex J. Kramer Associate Phone: 212.701.3899
Fax: 212.378.2905
Photo of Samir Kurani Samir Kurani Associate Phone: 212.701.3479
Fax: 212.378.4447
Photo of Joel Kurtzberg Joel Kurtzberg Partner Phone: 212.701.3120
Fax: 212.378.2522
Photo of Albert O. Kwon Albert O. Kwon Staff Attorney Phone: 212.701.3615
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Courtney B. LaHaie Courtney B. LaHaie Associate Phone: 212.701.3580
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Ted B. Lacey Ted B. Lacey Partner Phone: 212.701.3669
Fax: 212.378.2426
Photo of Benjamin Lash Benjamin Lash Associate Phone: 212.701.3312
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Marc R. Lashbrook Marc R. Lashbrook Partner Phone: 212.701.3730
Fax: 212.378.2546
Photo of Samantha Lawson Samantha Lawson Associate Phone: 212.701.3728
Fax: 212.378.4474
Photo of Andrew E. Lee Andrew E. Lee Associate Phone: 212.701.3891
Fax: 212.269.5420
Aliza R. Levine Partner Phone: 212.701.3524
Fax: 212.378.2720
Photo of Keith E. Levinsky Keith E. Levinsky Associate Phone: 212.701.3318
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Joel H. Levitin Joel H. Levitin Partner Phone: 212.701.3770
Fax: 212.378.2449
Photo of Geoffrey E. Liebmann Geoffrey E. Liebmann Partner Phone: 212.701.3313
Fax: 212.378.2295
Photo of Nicole Lindgren Nicole Lindgren Associate Phone: 212.701.3146
Fax: 212.378.2165
Photo of Peter J. Linken Peter J. Linken Counsel Phone: 212.701.3715
Fax: 212.378.4137
Photo of Mark Loftus Mark Loftus Associate Phone: 212.701.3175
Fax: 212.378.8246
Photo of Liz Lushpenko Liz Lushpenko Attorney Phone: 212.701.3178
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Zina Lyakhovetsky Zina Lyakhovetsky Associate Phone: 212.701.3216
Fax: 212.378.2714
Photo of Andrew H. E. Lyon Andrew H. E. Lyon Associate Phone: 212.701.3305
Fax: 212.378.2438
Photo of John MacGregor John MacGregor Associate Phone: 212.701.3445
Fax: 212.378.8248
Photo of Gail Malone Gail Malone Associate Phone: 212.701.3458
Fax: 212.378.2909
Photo of Tristan Manley Tristan Manley Associate Phone: 212.701.3181
Fax: 212.378.2910
Photo of Samuel Mann Samuel Mann Associate Phone: 212.701.3664
Fax: 212.378.8198
Photo of Biagio A. Marino Biagio A. Marino Associate Phone: 212.701.3371
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Brian T. Markley Brian T. Markley Partner Phone: 212.701.3230
Fax: 212.378.2455
Photo of Jonathan B. Markowitz Jonathan B. Markowitz Associate Phone: 212.701.3340
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Nicholas Matuschak Nicholas Matuschak Associate Phone: 212.701.3279
Fax: 212.378.8200
Photo of Peter T. Mazzone Peter T. Mazzone Associate Phone: 212.701.3051
Fax: 212.378.2568
Photo of Grace A. McAllister Grace A. McAllister Associate Phone: 212.701.3343
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Philip J. McAndrews III Philip J. McAndrews III Associate Phone: 212.701.3346
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Meghan McDermott Meghan McDermott Partner Phone: 212.701.3619
Fax: 212.378.2450
Photo of Devon L. McLaughlin Devon L. McLaughlin Associate Phone: 212.701.3584
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Jean H. McMahon Jean H. McMahon Staff Attorney Phone: 212.701.3956
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Craig Michaels Craig Michaels Staff Attorney Phone: 212.701.3918
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of James Miller James Miller Counsel Phone: 212.701.3358
Fax: 212.378.2558
Photo of William J. Miller William J. Miller Partner Phone: 212.701.3836
Fax: 212.378.2500
Photo of Adam S. Mintz Adam S. Mintz Counsel Phone: 212.701.3981
Fax: 212.378.2539
Photo of David Montgomery David Montgomery Attorney Phone: 212.701.3845
Photo of George Najjar George Najjar Associate Phone: 212.701.3383
Fax: 212.269.5420
Noah B. Newitz Partner Phone: 212.701.3295
Fax: 212.378.2548
Photo of Tamara O'Flaherty Tamara O'Flaherty Associate Phone: 212.701.3739
Fax: 212.378.2442
Photo of Juliana Obregon Juliana Obregon Counsel Phone: 212.701.3642
Fax: 212.378.2313
Photo of Michael J. Ohler Michael J. Ohler Partner Phone: 212.701.3139
Fax: 212.378.2549
Photo of Javier Ortiz Javier Ortiz Counsel Phone: 212.701.3301
Fax: 212.378.2523
Photo of Sara Ortiz Sara Ortiz Associate Phone: 212.701.3368
Fax: 212.378.8254
Photo of David R. Owen David R. Owen Partner Phone: 212.701.3955
Fax: 212.378.2429
Photo of John Papachristos John Papachristos Partner Phone: 212.701.3691
Fax: 212.378.2552
Photo of Jennifer A. Patt Jennifer A. Patt Associate Phone: 212.701.3667
Fax: 212.378.2448
Photo of Maya Peleg Maya Peleg Associate Phone: 212.701.3969
Fax: 212.378.2436
Photo of Luis R. Penalver Luis R. Penalver Partner Phone: 212.701.3280
Fax: 212.378.2554
Photo of Lauren Perlgut Lauren Perlgut Counsel Phone: 212.701.3558
Fax: 212.378.2540
Photo of Kimberly C. Petillo-Décossard Kimberly C. Petillo-Décossard Partner Phone: 212.701.3265
Fax: 212.378.2545
Photo of Alex Petrossian Alex Petrossian Associate Phone: 212.701.3974
Fax: 212.378.8322
Photo of Clara Pizzarello Clara Pizzarello Managing Attorney Phone: 212.701.3907
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Alexandria Plaia Alexandria Plaia Associate Phone: 212.701.3159
Photo of Austin G. Popham Austin G. Popham Associate Phone: 212.701.3347
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Carmit S. Posner Carmit S. Posner Associate Phone: 212.701.3349
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Jennifer Potts Jennifer Potts Associate Phone: 212.701.3390
Fax: 212.378.8333
Photo of Lauren Rackow Lauren Rackow Counsel Phone: 212.701.3725
Fax: 212.378.4452
Photo of Paul Rafla Paul Rafla Associate Phone: 212.701.3388
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Tobin Raju Tobin Raju Associate Phone: 212.701.3522
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Sheila C. Ramesh Sheila C. Ramesh Partner Phone: 212.701.3833
Fax: 212.378.4454
Photo of David A. Rand David A. Rand Associate Phone: 212.701.3189
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Ani Ravi Ani Ravi Associate Phone: 212.701.3708
Fax: 212.378.2447
Photo of Michael W. Reddy Michael W. Reddy Partner Phone: 212.701.3596
Fax: 212.378.2938
Photo of Oleg Rezzy Oleg Rezzy Partner Phone: 212.701.3490
Fax: 212.378.2724
Photo of Nathan Richardson Nathan Richardson Associate Phone: 212.701.3163
Fax: 212.378.2912
Photo of Kenneth Ritz Kenneth Ritz Associate Phone: 212.701.3661
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Nikolas Rodriguez Nikolas Rodriguez Associate Phone: 212.701.3379
Fax: 212.378.2913
Photo of Jennifer Y. Romeo Jennifer Y. Romeo Staff Attorney Phone: 212.701.3813
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Joseph F. Rosati Joseph F. Rosati Associate Phone: 212.701.3438
Fax: 212.378.2507
Photo of Matthew Rosenthal Matthew Rosenthal Associate Phone: 212.701.3832
Fax: 212.378.2914
Photo of Thorn Rosenthal Thorn Rosenthal Partner Phone: 212.701.3823
Fax: 212.378.2328
Photo of Tammy L. Roy Tammy L. Roy Partner Phone: 212.701.3720
Fax: 212.378.2712
Photo of Cydney Russell Cydney Russell Staff Attorney Phone: 212.701.3364
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Katherine A. Sarkar Katherine A. Sarkar Associate Phone: 212.701.3612
Fax: 212.378.2602
Photo of Caroline Saucier Caroline Saucier Associate Phone: 212.701.3357
Fax: 212.378.8345
Photo of Jonathan A. Schaffzin Jonathan A. Schaffzin Partner Phone: 212.701.3380
Fax: 212.378.2329
Photo of Eric Scher Eric Scher Associate Phone: 212.701.3984
Fax: 212.378.2927
Photo of Lynn R. Schmidt Lynn R. Schmidt Associate Phone: 212.701.3641
Fax: 212.378.2928
Photo of Brittany Schulman Brittany Schulman Associate Phone: 212.701.3474
Fax: 212.378.2163
Photo of Jeffrey I. Schulman Jeffrey I. Schulman Staff Attorney Phone: 212.701.3221
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of John J. Schuster John J. Schuster Senior Counsel Phone: 212.701.3323
Fax: 212.378.2332
Photo of Andrew Schwartz Andrew Schwartz Associate Phone: 212.701.3815
Fax: 212.378.2613
Photo of Bryan R. Seelig Bryan R. Seelig Associate Phone: 212.701.3858
Fax: 212.378.8160
Photo of Alexandra M. Settelmayer Alexandra M. Settelmayer Associate Phone: 212.701.3173
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Marc Shapiro Marc Shapiro Staff Attorney Phone: 212.701.3718
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Marc Shepsman Marc Shepsman Associate Phone: 212.701.3115
Fax: 212.378.2386
Photo of Michael A. Sherman Michael A. Sherman Partner Phone: 212.701.3747
Fax: 212.378.2598
Photo of Darren Silver Darren Silver Partner Phone: 212.701.3027
Fax: 212.378.2603
Photo of Danielle Simard Danielle Simard Associate Phone: 212.701.3433
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Scott B. Singer Scott B. Singer Associate Phone: 212.701.3757
Fax: 212.378.2519
Photo of Shefali Singh Shefali Singh Associate Phone: 212.701.3373
Fax: 212.378.8348
Photo of Kostantinos V. Skordalos Kostantinos V. Skordalos Associate Phone: 212.701.3281
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Josiah M. Slotnick Josiah M. Slotnick Partner Phone: 212.701.3637
Fax: 212.378.2925
Photo of C. L. Junine So C. L. Junine So Associate Phone: 212.701.3462
Fax: 212.378.2520
Photo of Dana Sorbi Dana Sorbi Associate Phone: 212.701.3442
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Stephan S. Soro Stephan S. Soro Associate Phone: 212.701.3527
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Alexis D. Soshnick Alexis D. Soshnick Associate Phone: 212.701.3172
Fax: 212.378.8349
Photo of John R. Spagna John R. Spagna Counsel Phone: 212.701.3468
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Joseph Spedale Joseph Spedale Staff Attorney Phone: 212.701.3652
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Benjamen Starkweather Benjamen Starkweather Associate Phone: 212.701.3394
Fax: 212.378.2529
Photo of Daniel Stemp Daniel Stemp Associate Phone: 212.701.3769
Fax: 212.378.2918
Photo of Richard A. Stieglitz Jr. Richard A. Stieglitz Jr. Partner Phone: 212.701.3393
Fax: 212.378.2452
Photo of Mary A. Stokinger Mary A. Stokinger Counsel Phone: 212.701.3430
Fax: 212.378.2609
Photo of Frank N. Strumolo Frank N. Strumolo Associate Phone: 212.701.3176
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Ross Sturman Ross Sturman Partner Phone: 212.701.3831
Fax: 212.378.2617
Susanna M. Suh Partner Phone: 212.701.3686
Fax: 212.378.2611
Photo of Anthony J. Tedeschi Anthony J. Tedeschi Associate Phone: 212.701.3980
Fax: 212.378.2532
Photo of Jonathan D. Thier Jonathan D. Thier Partner Phone: 212.701.3992
Fax: 212.378.2374
Photo of Lincy Thomas Lincy Thomas Staff Attorney Phone: 212.701.3356
Fax: 212.269.5420
Sean R. Tierney Counsel Phone: 212.701.3141
Fax: 212.378.2725
Photo of Sean P. Tonolli Sean P. Tonolli Partner Phone: 202.862.8960
Fax: 866.206.1340
Photo of Ivan Torres Ivan Torres Associate Phone: 212.701.3104
Fax: 212.378.8371
Photo of David Trager David Trager Staff Attorney Phone: 212.701.3179
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of John A. Tripodoro John A. Tripodoro Partner Phone: 212.701.3505
Fax: 212.378.2375
Photo of Bonnie E. Trunley Bonnie E. Trunley Associate Phone: 212.701.3645
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Flavia Vehbiu Flavia Vehbiu Associate Phone: 212.701.3177
Fax: 212.269.5420
Photo of Kristopher S. Villarreal Kristopher S. Villarreal Counsel Phone: 212.701.3049
Fax: 212.378.2370
Photo of Glenn J. Waldrip, Jr. Glenn J. Waldrip, Jr. Partner Phone: 212.701.3110
Fax: 212.378.2379
Photo of Herbert S. Washer Herbert S. Washer Partner Phone: 212.701.3435
Fax: 212.378.2186
Photo of Michael B. Weiss Michael B. Weiss Partner Phone: 212.701.3041
Fax: 212.378.2616
Photo of Jonathan D. White Jonathan D. White Associate Phone: 212.701.3426
Fax: 212.378.2535
Photo of Miles Wiley Miles Wiley Associate Phone: 212.701.3395
Fax: 212.378.8217
Photo of David Wishengrad David Wishengrad Partner Phone: 212.701.3419
Fax: 212.378.2435
Photo of Anna Wittman Anna Wittman Associate Phone: 212.701.3446
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